amazing_diving_storiesNowadays we tend to want any information instantly and in a concise form. Reading anything longer than the few words of this blog would make a daunting task, especially if you were viewing this page on the screen of your smart phone. So that's the secret of the great success of the likes of Google. Who would have thought twenty years ago that anyone would have access to the entire knowledge in the world via a small device carried in your pocket?05931 However there's still something undeniably nice about a book or even a collection of books on your shelf. Whether it's the smell of the paper and ink, the weight of the tome or the tactile experience that comes with turning the pages, who knows? At the same time, the likes of Amazon has revolutionised the sale and distribution of books on-line. You can choose a book today and have it delivered tomorrow.1243875298_original_1_3 Book stores that used to feel a bit like libraries are disappearing fast, and even those that survive cater for the popular demand for those publications that end up being sold in vast quantities, the million sellers. That leaves a problem for those small specialist publishers that might provide us with books about sailing or scuba-diving for example. Print runs have become small and useful books are very soon out-of-print and hard to find. 1244460823_original_1_1 Ocean Leisure has a book department and we've tried to stock every available book about sailing, whether instructional, fact or fiction, in it.   This includes every facet of life on the water, from windsurfing and kite surfing to the lore leisurely pursuits found on our inland waterways.1245057467_original_1_3 file_10We stock a vast array of marine charts too. At any given time you will spot people browsing in our book section. The same goes for what goes on beneath the surface and books about scuba diving. If Ocean Leisure hasn't got it in stock, it's probably long sold out and you'll need to search for a secondhand copy. These aren't necessarily the training manuals of the scuba training agencies but rather guide books and books about the1_1 various experiences possible in the world underwater, as well as marine life identification books and those rich volumes that reflect the work of talented underwater photographers. On the subject of photography there will always be helpful books that show the route to getting good results yourself. paul_colley_bookVisit the Ocean Leisure book department at the vast Aladdin's Cave that is the store on London's Victoria Embankment, to see what you can find. There are some hidden gems waiting for you to discover. If you cannot get to London, of course you can search through this website in the many pages of book sections in both sailing and scuba diving to see what you can find but you won't be seduced by the smell of the paper and ink until you open the parcel that we have dispatched to you! An added bonus can be to get a book dedicated and autographed by our author-in-residence. Amazing Diving Stories and Shark Bytes are the two  titles available with this added-value. Either can make the perfect present.amazing_diving_stories conch_indian 511iv0eo5kl._sl500_aa300_22 shark_bytes_book 41gfooobufl

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