Who Am I and Where Did I Come From?

Bantin's BlogI used to be technical editor of Diver Magazine, but after twenty-one years as an active diving journalist, travelling all round the world and experiencing a wide range of conditions I decided to retire. I’d been going on dive trips every month and sometimes more often than that. I calculated I had made more than two hundred and fifty of these expeditions and that’s a lot of dives! After doing multiple plane journeys for dive trips to many different distant exotic sounding places, I was starting to feel jaded. Yes, you can have too much of a good thing – eventually! However the inactive life of retirement didn’t sit well with me and a year later I decided I still wanted to make use of the huge amount of knowledge I’d accrued about all manner of diving locations, technique and underwater photography and found an outlet for this at Ocean Leisure, probably the most comprehensively stocked dive store in London. Within the first week I was meeting some customers, old friends, that I had last shared a cabin with in places as far away and as far apart as Papua New Guinea and Costa Rica’s Cocos Island, as well as making a great many new friends too. What really impresses me about the people who work at Ocean Leisure and Ocean Leisure Cameras (a store within the store) is the vast amount of product knowledge that they have at their disposal. They are almost without exception young; many are multi-lingual and, of course very enthusiastic about their subject. In fact at first I felt a little bit out of my depth and that’s the first time in a very long time indeed. If you want to talk about diving, I’m your man, but I’m still learning about the incredibly comprehensive stock held at Ocean Leisure. This is especially true in the camera department because the advances in digital camera technology during the last couple of years are unprecedented. For example, that annoying lull between pressing the shutter release and recording a picture, experienced with older compacts, has more or less disappeared. Then there’s the ever-onward marching technology of GoPro. These tiny little cameras are suitable to taking places where you would never have dreamed of taking a camera before and they simply marched off the shelves as the must-have Christmas present for 2014. Ocean Leisure Cameras stocks a massive range of accessories that will allow you to combine a GoPro with your favourite all-action activity. When you visit, I’m easy to spot. I’m the older person. Please bear with me if I need to ask one of the young blades where to find something that you are particularly interested in. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of diving and underwater photography equipment!

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    John Bantin is one of the most experienced and reliable diving travel and equipment specialists in the world. Divers would be well-served to seek out his expertise. He's also possessed of a wicked sardonic and twisted sense of humor that he employs without warning.

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